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Sally and Simon moved here with their three daughters in 1997 when they gave up the unequal struggle of trying to pay bills by dairy farming. No.2 daughter has moved out, got married and had 3 babies,then a little surprise in November last year she had twin boys!!! Isn't it great when you can hand them back!!

Daughter No.1 has moved out however No.3 has returned so at least we get a bit more help around here.

The family gathered around a tableYou can take the girl out of the farm but you can't take the farm out of the girl and we have a few animals about the place - some of whom you may get to see. The EasyCare and the Oxford Down have gone and been replaced with the most ugly tup we call Blue, he has thrown some good lambs so he will be staying with us along with assorted poultry laying your breakfast eggs.

We have always been very conscious of our impact on the environment and have run our house accordingly. All our bulbs are low energy where possible, our water usage is kept to a minimum and we recycle everything we possibly can. Therefore, in an effort to keep costs down although we were recognised as such some time ago, we are not members of any (expensive) 'Green' associations. ( they are trying to keep up with us!)

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